Trigger an event to send/post message to external API when a Deal is moved to Won

Hi all,

Good day to you. I’m new to FreshWork CRM. I would like to know how can I achieve the below:

  1. In FreshWork CRM , when I have moved a Deal to ‘Won’, I wish to trigger an event to send a message to an external API (eg. Amazon Queue). The message would include the Deal ID, and ID of the Contact that this Deal belongs to.

This event would need to be triggered from within the FreshWork CRM software, ie: when user moved the Deal to ‘Won’

Can anyone kindly advise? Thanks!

Hi cky,

Welcome to community.

There are two ways to achieve your required functionality.

  1. through workflow:

You can create a workflow. Go to Admin Settings -> Workflows -> Create Workflow for deal for when deal stage is changed.
Select trigger webhook option in action and configure for your external API.

  1. through serverless app (product events). Use product event “onDealUpdate”, check if deal stage is changed in the payload received for this event. And trigger your external API if deal stage is in WON.

Let me know you need further help in any of the above ways. I would be happy to guide you.



Hi Yusra,

Thank you for your response, really appreciate it.

Ok I will take a look for option # 1

As for option # 2, can you please assist to elaborate/guide further in details on this?
Eg: At which part in the FreshWorks CRM that I can place the codes which will ‘listen’ on “onDealUpdate” event trigger, and then perform the external API calling? What are the programming language that is being used, etc.

Thank you.

Hi cky,

You need to create an app and upload it at your instance. Further info can be found here.

let me know you need further assistance.

Hi Yusra,

Could we able to add listener for object(contact, deal, account and such as) change in our external app without using custom app.

Or is there any way to implement this.