Trigger Interface api for freshsales CTI

hi team,

Am looking for a trigger interface api for freshsales cti. The CTI should pop when the data is available.
Which is what similar to the freshdesk trigger interface for its CTI.

client.interface.trigger(“hide”, {id: “softphone”})
.then(function(data) {
// data - success message
}).catch(function(error) {
// error - error object

Hi @Raghul_Kumar

We have not yet supported that feature in FreshSales, will keep you posted once it is implemented

Santhosh B

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okay @Santhosh is this feature available in freshworks CRM ?

@Raghul_Kumar nope it is not supported in Freshworks CRM as well

Great… ! @Santhosh Do you have any idea about this implementation. How long it will take ?
or any other option to trigger cti widget ?

For now it is not possible to trigger the widget you need open manually by clicking the left_nav_cti placeholder,
I will keep you posted on the timeline of implementation.

okay @Santhosh Thanks for your Support.

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Hi @Raghul_Kumar
Just got the information from the product team
Please use the following to trigger the CTI

  1. To show/hide phone CTI app
    client.interface.trigger(‘show’, {id: ‘phoneApp’});
    client.interface.trigger(‘hide’, {id: ‘phoneApp’});

  2. To show/hide chat CTI app
    client.interface.trigger(‘show’, {id: ‘chatApp’});
    client.interface.trigger(‘hide’, {id: ‘chatApp’});

FYI: still it is not yet documented on the sales/ FCRM docs website, will keep you posted on this soon

Santhosh B


Great @Santhosh its working :+1:
confirm me that whether its applicable for freshworks crm… !

thank you


Yes it is for both Freshworks CRM and Freshsales


great, Thanks you @Santhosh and @Developer-Platform :handshake: