Twitter integration misbehaving

Hello everyone,
A few days back I have integrated my twitter’s support account with my Freshdesk. I have selected such settings where tweets with mentions of my support account or Dm’s to that account will generate tickets.

but from yesterday it is misbehaving, It was generating tickets from tweets who mentions my linked account but not generating tickets from Dm’s.

So, today I removed the twitter account from Freshdesk and added again.
But it still misbehaves, Sometimes It creates Tickets and sometimes It doesn’t.

I am aware about Internal timing for DM’s.
I have set the internal time of DM’s to 1 hour, So After 1 hour new message from same customer will generate new ticket.

What could be the reason?

Thank you.

@Harsh_Suchak - Is the integration that you are referring to some sort of app on the Freshworks marketplace? I am guessing it’s a feature within Freshdesk allowing users to connect their twitter accounts.

@Saif No its not a app on marketplace. Its a feature of Freshdesk to connect with twitter.
But its not working as it should be.


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