UI Customisation in Android and iOS SDK

We have a requirement to customise the chat screen in the mobile SDKS (iOS and Android native).
We understand that we can customise font, font colour, font size, bubble colours, background colours, etc.
We have tried them and works good.

We wanted to know the possibility of customising

  • The top bar
  • Add a small section on top for close button and more options
  • Change layout of textfield at bottom
  • customising or moving options from bottom sheet to within chat bubbles

If not customising within the SDK screens, we want to know if the SDK can load within a container that we create in iOS and Android with the top bar and close button and additional options.

Here is our design attached below. We want to make the mobile SDK UI something close to this. Let us know possibilities.

Here is a sample of what were able to achieve which is far from the design.