Unable to inset custom widget in freshdesk support portal

We are looking to integrate our Haptik WebSDK widget on our Freshdesk help portal. Unfortunately, we are unable to get our Websdk to render on the support portal.

Our team tried to debug the issue and here is what we found - Freshdesk is using prototype.js library which results in different behavior for a JS function. The problem we are facing is that the default behavior of a function has been modified. JSON.stringify is calling Array.prototype but Array.prototype is giving a different response than expected. They are likely overwriting the base Array class.

Here is a StackOverflow thread discussing the same issue:
javascript - JSON.stringify() array bizarreness with Prototype.js - Stack Overflow)%20defines%20an%20Array

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Hi @Nameer_Khan,

We have very limited help when it comes to Product API related asks. Please expect some delay form us to get back and keep you posted with an update.

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Seems like this is a bug that Freshdesk team is aware of. The fix hasn’t been rolled out to yet. But there is a possibility to have temporary fix rolled out to your requested account alone. I will send an message on the forum to initiate working on that.

We are having the exact same issue on our account. Is there a reference for this defect I can raise with our CSM or TAM ?

Hi @IainM,

Working with CSM or TAM is good idea as they could fetch help from freshdesk support team.

Please allow me some time to get back. Usually, as far as developer trail accounts are considered, I can get help from Freshdesk API team.

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@Saif We’re experiencing the same issues, where Freshdesk’s ‘portal_head’ script is modifying Javascript prototypes, which in turn, prevents our Mixpanel and Hotjar integration from working correctly. Could the fix be deployed to our account as well please?

Hi @georgski,

I will send a private message on the forum to collect some of the details I would need to follow to apply the fix. This will the information that Freshdesk team needs provide support here.

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Hey Guys, Can you post solution here, We are getting the same issue, We are trying to implement 3rd party script but portal_head is intercepting our widget’s requests and changing its response data so that the widget can’t recognize the data and therefore not work.