Unable to log changes in a field on portal but executing via Console works

Hi all,

I’m trying to detect changes in two ticket fields and then display a message on the New Ticket form on the Freshdesk customer portal. It works when I execute the code on the Console but not when I publish the code on the portal.

Could someone please help? I’m not sure where I’m going wrong.

      console.log("Category changed");

  function checkImpactAndUrgency(){
      console.log("Urgency changed");
      var impactValue = jQuery("#helpdesk_ticket_custom_field_cf_impact_2781542").val();
      var urgencyValue = jQuery("#helpdesk_ticket_custom_field_cf_urgency_2781542").val();
      if(((impactValue=="High") && (urgencyValue=="High")) ||((urgencyValue=="High") && (impactValue=="High"))){
          console.log("Impact is High");
          console.log("Urgency is High");
          if(jQuery("#custom-text-for-incident").text().length == 0){
            jQuery(".helpdesk_ticket_custom_field_cf_urgency_2781542").append("<div id='custom-text-for-incident'><p>Please note that High Impact and High Urgency tickets should only be raised when an entire site is not able to trade</p></div>");
      } else {