Uncaught error when opening Modal


We open a Model with this code

        client.interface.trigger('showModal', {
            title: 'Order eröffnen',
            template: 'views/modalcreateeditorder.html',
            data: modalData

We always get the following exception:


We think it is a Bug. Do you have any suggestions?

Hi @Benjamin,

Could you please try the below code and let me know.

const openModal = (client) =>{

    client.interface.trigger("showModal", {
        title: `sometitle`,
        template: "index.html",

Make sure the path is correct and make sure the client object is not null/ undefined

Hi @Bene_Immanuel

I tested with your suggestion, but it doesn’t change anything. Also I can confirm, that the client object is defined.
This app works as a full_page_app and also with location ticket_sidebar. We have the error only when we trigger the modal from the full_page_app but not when we trigger the modal from the location ticket_sidebar.

@Raviraj Do you have any hint, why this works with app location ticket_sidebar but not from app location full_page_app?

I see…

I never used modal in full-page applications, this might be the way they designed it to be…

let’s wait for @Raviraj’s input.