Updating settings does not reflect on app until hard reload the page

Hey, guys!

I have an app (Freshchat) with a custom installation page and it’s location is conversation_user_info, running in production.
Every time I access it’s settings and change some parameter, just navigating back to conversation inbox and opening the app is not enough to get the updated parameters , I mean, calling client.iparams.get() does not give me the updated parameters.
To make it “refresh” it’s parameters, I need to perform a hard reload (CTRL + SHIFT +R in Chrome).

Although this is not a major bug, still gets us some trouble, since sometimes this parameters drives the app process.
If something could be done to hard refresh this info when updating the app settings, it would be great!


You’re right @samuelpares. We are also aware of requests those go hand in hand with one that you’ve just described.

Let me see if I can get some help to work around this. I shall keep you posted.


Any update on this?
Now I noticed this issue accessing the conversation thought the People menu, after searching for it on the search box.
And this case is worse because is not just the iparams that is not being loaded correctly, but here the Conversation Data (Conversation Data Method) is wrong, it’s returning the info about the last conversation opened on inbox.
This is a major bug for APPs that uses conversation context.


I took this to out team, there are couple of things, in progress and somethings that I learnt

  1. The Hard Reloading the page to get the latest iparams is something that needs to have fixed from the Freshchat product team. This will need get the attention it deserves to have it fixed.
  2. The second part of issue with respect to conversation data method, I am in the process of reproducing the issue. I am waiting to have my developer trail activated :slight_smile:

Both of them are looked into… I will keep this thread more updates posted.


Thank you, Saif!
Let me know if you need more info to reproduce it.


I followed the following steps to repoduce the issue for #2, but I wasn’t able to. Can you please correct me if I doing it correctly?

  1. In my trail account there were 6 conversations.
  2. I installed a custom app, that simply logs client.data.get("conversation") resolved promise with data holds context of current conversation. I specifically looked at message_parts and users attributes to verify.
  3. I opened team inbox and simply navigated across conversations. I found the data received is correct as per current conversation.
  4. As you have pointed out, I searched using search bar for a contact to open a conversation after updating an iparam in app configuration page.
  5. The browser console logs suggests that iparams data is wrong until hard refresh needed but the conversation data via data method is correct.

So I will follow up on the iparams part (#1) of the topic, but can you let me know if I should be doing anything differently to reproduce #2 data method issue?

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Hi, @Saif!

I recorded a video showing what’s happening: Vidyard record


@samuelpares, I was able to reproduce the issue. I would also strongly feel this to be bug! Please allow me some time to bring attention to this issue. I will keep you posted with further updates.


@samuelpares - I’ve reported this as a bug to product managers. The team has also confirmed it. Thank you so much for reporting this issue. The priority is determined by product managers. So at the moment I do not have any estimated timeline when fix could be planned.


Please let me know when an ETA be determined.
Thank you!

Hey @Saif
Do we have an update about this?
This is a very serious bug and has not been fixed yet.


Hi @samuelpares,

This has been bought to the engineering team’s attention.

We are yet to hear further updates.

Hi @Saif!

It’s been more than one year and these 2 bugs still remains.
The critical one is the data method not returning the correct data when app is rendered in people page. If we can’t interact with the conversation data, there’s no reason for the app to be rendered in people page. If this is not going to be fixed, it should be removed the app rendering in people page.
Customers are using an app performing operations with wrong data.