[Freshcaht] Issue on reload the app on change conversations


As per our requirement, we need to call the API with the updated conversation ID when the agent switches between conversations. However, in the Freshchat documentation, we can’t find any method for events.

So our question is: is there any way to solve this problem?

I have also done some research in the Freshworks community, and I found a similar issue that needs to be resolved


Hi @Jigar,

You can make the API call on app init, then update the UI or perform the necessary actions.

When we switch from convo to convo the application will reload.

Thank you.

Sorry just saw that link.

If the data is not refreshed, you can retrieve the conversation ID and, based on an interval, re-fetch the conversation ID to compare with the initial one and re-initialize the application.

Until the issue is fixed.