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What are the way to prevent Agent to close ticket? Ticket I controled by workflow and by external system which ticket depends on and I cant let Agent to close ticket.

I might create update trigger and once closed I can put it back but it would be confusing

  1. When I add custom icon to the top nav bar with help of custom App, This is always visible but I would like to hide it for some group.

Hi @Frantisek_Kolar,


There might be multiple ways to get this done.

But on top of my mind, I can think of an intercept event to check conditions when an agent clicks on the update button or you can use the setOptions method to hide close option.

If you need further assistance kindly let me know… :+1:

Thank you.

Hi @Frantisek_Kolar,

It’s me again!

Just for my own knowledge, have you attempted the methods mentioned above? If so, did they prove to be effective for you?

Thank you.

At the end we went different way. thank u