Visit counter on customer portal

Hi community!

A customer of ours wants to know how many users is using the support portal, hence the need of a visit counter.
Since a custom app is not possible on the customer portal. Do you have any suggestions on how to achieve this wish in another way? :slight_smile:
// BR Jonathan

Hello @JonathanHojtoft
Google Analytics is how we track it. There is an integration application already built for both freshdesk and freshservice. Might be worth checking out.

Hope this helps.

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Hey @JonathanHojtoft,
there’s a feature coming up on the platform to handle this case,
I would request you to wait for some time and keep an eye on announcements for further updates :face_with_monocle:

I hope it helps :slight_smile:

Santhosh B

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@Zach Thank you! I will look into it :slight_smile: