We’re turning one, and it’s time to celebrate! ❤️🎉

The Freshworks Developer Community celebrates its first anniversary this month; looking back, we sure have come a long way! Within a year, the community has grown to 800+ strong!:partying_face: Through the Freshworks Developer Community, our goal has been to create a place where developers could share knowledge, collaborate, and discuss queries and points of interest with fellow app developers and Freshworks’ engineers.

“There is immense power when a group of people with similar interests gets together to work toward the same goals.:handshake:

When we launched the community forum, we envisioned it to be a “phygital” (yes, we’re GenZ) space. However, thanks to 2020, we’ve been mostly restricted to just the digital means of communication. That said, the engagement and activity levels of so many of the members here have always made us feel so proud and grateful!

In addition to the above engagement on the forum, we also didn’t let the pandemic stop us from getting some virtual hangout time with you all to come together and learn, upskill, and have fun! We hosted an array of online events: three Freshworks Huddles, codiv, a hackathon, Hacktoberfest, and also launched the community champions program!

To say that it’s been a rewarding experience for us would be an understatement. We want to send a huge shoutout (and a virtual, socially-distanced hug) A special thank you to you all - people who have all along been the community’s heart and soul. We hope that you will continue to contribute useful content to the Freshworks Developer Community. We continually derive our inspiration from this quote by Germany Kent, "Be transparent. Let’s build a community that allows hard questions and honest conversations so we can stir up transformation in one another."

And please feel free to use the reply section of this post to suggest additional ideas and initiatives you want us to take.

Happy community anniversary, folks.:heart: