Webhook GET recently updated/created contacts

Hi Freshworks Team, We have an issue about a webhook in an automation workflow on Freshsales to get data of new contacts/leads are created or updated into our custom app.
We have tried to find a suitable trigger condition but nothing could respond to a true result. Always received all of the contact instead of only a couple is recently created.

Please let me know how to figure it out.

Notes: We have followed this instruction How to use workflows with Webhooks in Freshsales? : Freshsales Classic

Hi all, someone can help me out with this problem?

Hi @khucngoc12,

I’m not sure why the webhook in the automation workflow preferred.
For your use-case to get notified for new contact and lead create events, product events in the Serverless app can be used to get your app notified with context of the contact/lead that was created.

You need to created a event handler method for each of the events listed in our documentation if they are required. It will trigger this event for every single contact and lead creation even if it happens at a time. This will help you handle the follow up actions for each events.

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