What if server listening to the webhook registered with freshsales workflow is down?

Hi all,

We are exploring on the Freshwork-CRM’s Work flow - Webhook. And we need advise on the following:

  1. What if in the case where the external API URL (under ‘Callback URL’) has some down time for eg. 8 hours.
    How can we make the webhook to be able to keep all the pending triggers (in some queue maybe?), and then auto re-trigger it when the external API is up?
    Or any other advise how can we handle this scenario?

Thanks you.

Hi @cky

I suppose you are referring to webhooks listed as described - How to use workflows with Webhooks? : Freshsales

Can you confirm it?

Hi Saif,

Yes I am referring to this Webhooks.

I do noticed this, where it says “the web application will retry sending the request for the next 2 days before permanently terminating the Webhook request.”

Once it terminated the Webhook request, could you advise how can we retrigger the webhook request again?


Let me try and connect with relavant team to understand what happens if webhook requests terminated and get back to you.

Hi @cky

We have couple of updates for this problem

  1. Any failed webhook will have 6 retries over the next one hour. If all the retries are exhaused for the webhook job, Freshsales will intimate the customer sending out an email asking to fix the api.
  2. If a workflow webhook action keeps failing for 3 consecutive days, Freshsales will mark the webhook action as stopped and will skip that webhook action from there on.
  3. Once a workflow webhook action is marked stopped, due to continuous failure for 3 days, there is no way for the customer to reactivate it from the app / API.

The next steps can be -

  1. Create a new webhook action copying the stopped action, which will start triggering.
  2. Or Freshsales Support (support@freshsales.io) can help you reactivate the blocked actions

YET TO CONFIRM: It appears like triggers when API down does not seem to be queued from the Freshsales end. But I will soon post a confirmed update.

Once the action is stopped after failing 3 consecutive days, there would be no further queuing or any re-attempts.