Whats the location background of a new ticket in the support portal? Freshdesk

Hi people

Hope you are doing well. I would liket to call an information when a create a new ticket in the support portal in freshdesk. But the thing is that I dont know how is the name of the location to put in the manifest.json.

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Hi @Andrea_Lopez_Vargas,

Do you want to show information to the agents when creating a new ticket in the helpdesk portal? Or would you like to process some information or contact any third-party system via API after a new ticket is created?

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Hi Raviraj

Hope you are doing well. Right now Im building an app to bring information from an api to a ticket when is created. This works perfectly in the new ticket background but i would like to know who is the right name to put in the manifest.json to use it in the new ticket support.


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@Andrea_Lopez_Vargas , we currently do not support background app placeholders in the Freshdesk’s customer-portal.

At this moment, we only support two placeholders for End-user apps
portal_tickets_details_sidebar and portal_tickets_new_sidebar

@Andrea_Lopez_Vargas As @tejakummarikuntla mentioned, these two placeholders are supported in the customer portal. They will have an app UI, not a background app. The portal_tickets_new_sidebar placeholder can be useful for your use case. Refer to the documentation for available platform features on the customer portal.

Currently, only SMI (Server Method Invocation) is allowed to make API requests. The frontend app cannot make API requests directly with Request Method.


Thank you for your answer. So the conclusion is: I cant bring information from a third API when a create a new support ticket in the customer portal right?


@Andrea_Lopez_Vargas It is possible to bring information from a third-party API on the New Ticket page in the customer portal.

We have a sample app showcasing how to order information from a third-party e-commerce application via API.

Hi Raviraj

Hope you are doing well. Sorry for the questions. The thing is: Can I put for example, a number of a serie in an input in the new ticket form and bring information to put in others inputs?

Once again, thank you for your help.


@Andrea_Lopez_Vargas Yes, it is possible to bring information from third-party systems and update it to one of the input fields. Please check the documentation of the end-user apps for feasibility.

To update a number series to the ticket form, you would have to write the logic in the app.

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