Zapier disconnects from custom Freshsuite integration randomly

Hello everyone,

I’ve created a Freshsuite custom integration on Zapier about 6 months ago. Everything has been working until today when the connection randomly failed.

Basically what happened was that the account disconnected (expired), but there was no change in our token or anything similar.

What happened here?

Hi @Aleksandra_Pantic

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I found this post in Zapier forum on Why Do Apps Sometimes Randomly Disconnect?

Please check if the suggestion given in the forum are helpful.

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Does the Zap continue to work smoothly after reconnecting?

@Sachin_Kumar thank you for your reply.

I read that article. I talked to everyone who has access to our FreshSuite admin settings and nobody changed the app on our end. The token stayed the same, too. I called your support and you guys said there were no changes to the app backend. Unfortunately, I am not sure how to check either of the two statements. Is there a log of actions of our admins that I could go over?


The Zaps work after reconnecting, however, when it gets to running smoothly - truth be told, they were never smooth. We’re using a custom integration that I built that’s expensive to maintain and I’d really appreciate it if you guys expanded your integrations.

I cannot understand how can FreshSales have more actions than I do with FreshSuite? It’s the same API? Additionally, I cannot search my contacts per phone number. The integration won’t allow me to create a contact if there’s a duplicate already in the database, which is nuts seeing how I can’t search per phone number.

I am also not very confident that the webhooks trigger each time.

I wish that workflows could trigger workflows - this way I could avoid using Zapier most of the time.

@Sachin_Kumar @Saif any news on this?

Zaps are connected with API endpoints of Freshsales Suite. So I can only connect you with the Freshsales Suite team.

I am not sure but, I guess you are looking at the right places –

  • Around when zap got disconnected, what actually happened with the admins
  • Similarly, during the same time, there could be an error that Freshsales API should throw that actually appears as a disconnection to the user. Which can help you know why disconnection happened from the Freshsales side.

However, I am not an expert or have control over the Freshsales suite resources that can help you make progress. So I have you connected with the Freshsales team.

According to an update from the Freshsales team, it appears like Zapier as a platform might store the logs for its Zaps. The requester can connect with Zapeir support to get the needed logs to find the root cause.

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