Zapier or similar app workflow cannot continue due to auth failure

Hi members,

I am no dev myself, have been using Freshdesk since 2016, great product for it APIs flexibility and etc, until recently…

I have now authentication issues when I try to connect FreshDesk with other workflows via webhook in Zapier. The basic auth with user name and passwords seem no longer working (was working perfectly in the past).

Cannot get that working in Postman as well, got the error message
“code”: “invalid_credentials”,

"message": "You have to be logged in to perform this action."


Zapier screenshot here: 03.03.2022-20.52

I have double-checked that my login id and passwords are 100% correct, and cannot get in going. Need some urgent help as I heavily rely on Zapier workflow for my business. Many many thanks in advance

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@Dong Is it something that used to work before?

yes, mate, we have over 50k tasks per month working in the past, all of sudden it stopped working

Hi Saif,

figured out, I replaced my username with the API key of mine in conjunction with the password and it worked, not sure since when FreshDesk changed the rules

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