1st-Use Latency with Freshdesk Widget

BACKGROUND - My company has installed the Freshdesk support widget in the front end of our SaaS platform. We’ve configured widget’s “Pick specific articles to show on certain webpages” feature, mapping specific solution articles to specific URIs in our SaaS platform UI.

ISSUE - Whenever a client logs in to our SaaS platform UI from a new browser tab, the first time they open the Freshdesk support widget, our specified solution articles for the user’s current page don’t load. Furthermore, if they search for a solution article from the widget, nothing is returned. If the user closes the widget and opens it again, still in the same browser tab, the widget functions as expected. Unfortunately, most users don’t try a second time because, based on their 1st impression, they think the widget doesn’t work.

Here’s a video capture that shows this issue → Freshdesk Widget 1st Use Issue

When we submitted a ticket to Freshdesk Support, they told us that they couldn’t help and that we should post a Topic on the Freshworks dev forum instead.

We’re looking for suggestions to troubleshoot and resolve the latency issue our clients are experiencing with the Freshdesk widget.

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