2 custom apps on one location

Hi Team,
I am developing 2 custom apps for Freshdesk. I have already created one app and installed it at the cti_global_sidebar location. Now while creating 2nd app and running on that same location I can’t see with ?dev=true.

I know that there are so many placeholders available to place our app in Freshdesk but I wanted this 2nd app also on cti_global_sidebar.

For future plans, I am not using the full_page_app placeholder.

So, Is it allowed to create 2 apps on one placeholder? If yes then how can I achieve it?

Thank You.

Hi @Harsh

Welcome to the Freshworks developer community!

Currently, we support only one app in the cti_global_sidebar location. The latest installed app with a cti_global_sidebar placeholder will be displayed. More than 1 app can be rendered in other placeholders like ticket_sidebar, contact sidebar, full_page, etc.

Mughela Chandresh

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Thank You @Mughela_Chandresh for the answer. It really saved my time.

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