400 error while create a ticket in Freshdesk

Hi Team,


When I try to create a ticket in Freshdesk, we get a 400 error stating this.

  "description": "Validation failed",
  "errors": [
      "field": "requester_id",
      "message": "There is no contact matching the given requester_id",
      "code": "invalid_value"

There is no requester_id field set as mandatory in the instance.

And please find the post payload below.

    "name": "testUser",

   "email":    "randommail@test.com",

   "subject": "test subject",


    "<div>test ticket </div>",

   "source": 2,

   "status": 2,

   "priority": 1,

   "tags": [ "test" ],


    { "cf_reviewid":


      "cf_review_type": "Google Review",

      "cf_review_rating": "5 stars"

} }

Kindly let me know what I’m missing.


Hi team,


Is there any update on this?

Thanks in advance.

According to the documentation:

And the marker indicates:


Although there are different conditions that users can apply in their Freshdesk instances, the API consumption requires developers use one of those † marked fields to be used in the API call in order to create ticket successfully.

Hi @Saif,

Yes, as per the documentation, one of the fields must be provided in the payload.

But as you could see in the payload that I gave, the email field is included. So could you please debug this deeper?

Thank you.

I tried to create a ticket:

Here’s what I tried:

And I was able to create ticket:

I wonder if the email address you used is an existing user in the system?

Hi @Saif,

Good morning,

We have tried the same in another instance, and it worked!

But we face this issue only with this instance. koskii.freshdesk.com

Could you please check on this, @Saif?

Thank you.

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It appears like this is a specific issue to an account.

To discuss this further, I put you in touch with the Freshdesk Support team. You are welcome to follow up (with them) and share what you learn on this thread.


This issue turned out to be account specific bug. The fix was offered by Freshdesk team about a month ago.