400 error while create a ticket in Freshdesk

Hi Team,


When I try to create a ticket in Freshdesk, we get a 400 error stating this.

  "description": "Validation failed",
  "errors": [
      "field": "requester_id",
      "message": "There is no contact matching the given requester_id",
      "code": "invalid_value"

There is no requester_id field set as mandatory in the instance.

And please find the post payload below.

    "name": "testUser",

   "email":    "randommail@test.com",

   "subject": "test subject",


    "<div>test ticket </div>",

   "source": 2,

   "status": 2,

   "priority": 1,

   "tags": [ "test" ],


    { "cf_reviewid":


      "cf_review_type": "Google Review",

      "cf_review_rating": "5 stars"

} }

Kindly let me know what I’m missing.


Hi team,


Is there any update on this?

Thanks in advance.

According to the documentation:

And the marker indicates:


Although there are different conditions that users can apply in their Freshdesk instances, the API consumption requires developers use one of those † marked fields to be used in the API call in order to create ticket successfully.

Hi @Saif,

Yes, as per the documentation, one of the fields must be provided in the payload.

But as you could see in the payload that I gave, the email field is included. So could you please debug this deeper?

Thank you.

I tried to create a ticket:

Here’s what I tried:

And I was able to create ticket:

I wonder if the email address you used is an existing user in the system?

Hi @Saif,

Good morning,

We have tried the same in another instance, and it worked!

But we face this issue only with this instance. koskii.freshdesk.com

Could you please check on this, @Saif?

Thank you.

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It appears like this is a specific issue to an account.

To discuss this further, I put you in touch with the Freshdesk Support team. You are welcome to follow up (with them) and share what you learn on this thread.