504 Timeout errors with the Request API

We are getting the occasional 504 timeout error from the request API on a serverless App. We have also noted that the time the request API waits for a response from the Freshdesk API is timing out before it has responded which means the data is not loading in the App.

Is there anything we can do to make the Request API wait longer for a response?

Hey @RobAtOpinyin!
Are you using Request Method from SDK?
If so, there’s a option called maxAttempts: The maximum number of times a request will try to retrieve a response if a network or 429/5xx HTTP error occurs. The maximum permissible value for this argument is 5.
You can configure as well the retryDelay: The delay between retry requests, specified in milliseconds. The maximum permissible value for this argument is 1500 ms.
Keep in mind that the default serverless event timeout is 20s and if you are calling from frontend (SMI), you have a 5s timeout.

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Hi Samuel,

Yes. We are. Thanks for the tip. We will take a look at that.