Ability to identify if a freshservice ticket was closed by agent or requester?

Hey Team,

Looking to see if there is anything in either an API Request response or payload that would indicate a ticket’s status change (from open to closed for example) was done by the requester or agent?

UseCase: I have certain tickets that I don’t want requester’s to be able to close without authorization. Plan was to create an application that took the onTicketUpdate event filtered for tickets that have a status change and identify if it was a requester that closed the ticket then using the request method and freshserivce APIs, change the status of those tickets back to open.

Reason: Currently we are not aware of a way to remove the “Close Ticket” button and/or functionality on the support portal for requesters.

Thank you for any suggestions or information regarding this.


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Hey Zach,

I don’t know if this could be achieved by API or not but you can surely try it using the automation rules and setup one for requester’s action.
Let me know if this works for you !

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Hey Yusra,

Thank you for the suggestion. However, in freshservice, with the workflow automator I am not aware of a way to capture updates to tickets solely done by a requester. The condition, “Agent Interaction” and “Requester Interaction” unfortunately look for a numerical value.

Perhaps I am missing something though, so I will look at it again.

For a temporarily solution, I found the code snippet in our support portal page layout source code that rendered the “Mark Ticket as Closed” button. Removed it so that requesters could not close their own tickets. Unfortunately it is an “All” or “none” type fix which is not ideal.

Thanks again,