Access token error - ZOHOCRM APP in Freshdesk


The public app [ZOHOCRM] (Freshdesk) uses Oauth2 authentication. It was built using the older fdk version.

The apps access token is getting expired for every one hour and I believe this refreshing will be handled by the FDK.

But this replacement of the access token is not happening in the public app and I am facing the error “Access token expired”.

I tried to upload the same app as a custom app with the latest FDK(6.5.4), after that the app was working fine without any “Access token error”.

I believe if there are any FDK issue fixes or enhancements, it will be rolled out to all the other versions and eventually fixing this “Refreshing access token” issue.

The public app built using older FDK version is not working (Access token expired error)
But, the same custom app built using latest FDK (6.5.4) is working fine till now without any access token expiration error.

Is this has to be handled by the FDK itself?

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Please perceive FDK as a simple command line interface to help you locally test your apps. We fixed this issue from FDK v6.3.1 - FDK v6.3.1 - Serverless test framework beta launch, Autofix validation errors, Auto-refreshing OAuth access tokens and other fixes - Announcements - Freshworks Developer Community

However, I assume that app built on older version of FDK ideally will deal with our platform OAuth services in production anyway. However, let me confirm with my team and get back to you.

I can confirm that, Irrespective of CLI (as far as OAuth mechanism is concerned), App should work as usual. That means, if there an error in refreshing token, it should occur in app irrespective of FDK version.