Access_token not generated for google api using oauth_config


I’m making a server less app to retrieve all the reviews from play store and push it to a slack channel.

initially when the app is installed the access_token is generated, it has an expiry time of 1hr so after 1hr the access_token is not generated using refresh token.

Hello @Gopal_Kalyan. Let me first welcome you to our community :tada:

We do not currently have any known issues with token refresh on the platform. Let’s start by looking closer at your implementation.

Can you please share the snippet of code that leads to the above error? I see a typo ‘iprams’ in the error message and wonder if this is the cause of the problem.

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Did you mention isOAuth: true ? As mentioned in this page of OAuth? Please see the serverless request section.
cc: @Gopal_Kalyan

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