Accessing iparams in server.js

Hi Everyone,
Is there any way we can access saved iparams in server.js directly?

Any help is appreciated

Hello @Aryan_Maloo ,
Inside the event handler, you can access the iparams within the payload object by using the dot notation.

onTicketCreateHandler: function (createPayload) {
   const iParams = createPayload.iparams;

Hope this helps!!

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Hi @Kunal_Singh ,
Thanks for solution. Also I have one follow-up question, Is there any way to get iparams directly in server.js like we have in front-end applications (client.iparams.get())?

The client Interface is only available in the Frontend part of the application, For server.js, I could not find any other way than using the function arguments for iparams.

Hope this helps

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