Add Asset Tab for Assets in RC FS Customer Portal

We want end users to be able to go to Freshworks and be able to have an icon or link for “Assets”.

This would function similar to “Tickets” Ringcentral’s Customer Portal where Tickets shows cases the user created, “Assets” would show assets assigned to the user.

Minimum request is that it takes to a table where it filters all inventory, shows the Assets listed for them with Asset ID, Make, model, serial. If there are limits to what can be shown due to different asset types we could limit this to be just Hardware and more specifically Computers and Mobile devices.

Future option or if it’s also possible to be added - managers can see assets assigned to them self or with a drop down see employees who report to them and their assets.

We’ve already raised a ticket for this and was advised to post the request here.

This seems like a requirement to portal customization.

To take this conversation forward, we put you in touch with the Freshservice team @jeremiah.maramba . We currently do not seem to have experts in portal customization on thif forum yet.

@Saif/ @jeremiah.maramba,

I can help with getting assets data displaying in customer portal according to company.

Hello may I know if this would incur additional costs or something?

@jeremiah.maramba we can talk about you requirement in detail and i will let you know the cost.

Details were already provided can you provide both minimum requirement and future option as well

Yes the minimum requirement is possible in fact i have done that for one client. Future requirement is something we might need to look at and definitely can be possible though!!

Freshservice is extremely customizable only if we know the tool better.

Let’s catch up and get this done.

Thanks Akbar, Let me know of you have updates with the cost for both requirements :slight_smile:

Alright, normally i charge $40 per hour for customization and the minimum requirement task could take up to 10 to 15 hours.

for the Future option task we can take a look and let you know later how much time it could take.

Let me know when do you want to start working on it. :slight_smile:

@jeremiah.maramba, following up on our yesterday conversation. Do you want to talk about more on the price or anything if you want to get this done.

Hi Akbar,

I will be needing go tell this to our IT Leads meanwhile can you please provide the cost of the future options

Thank You

Hi @jeremiah.maramba ,

for future option task it would be taking around same number of Hours to complete.


Hi Akbar,

Just got a reply from our IT Heads a d they were asking if you have any mockup, diagram, or proposed setup we can look at?

Hi Akbar,

May I follow up on this?

Hi @jeremiah.maramba,

Yea for sure. We can setup a zoom meeting or google meet session. I will walk-through the setup i built.


Thanks Akbar is it ok if you provide me your availability time so I can schedule a call on my end I wanna go ahead and record this on our RC MVP app so I can share it to our IT Leads.

Thank You

HI @jmaramba ,

Sure, what time works for you today?

Hi Akbar,

Can we setup a call for tom. around 7:30Pm if you’regood with it I’ll setup the call