Add email attachement to freshworks CRM transactional email


I would like to attach pdf files in the Freshworks CRM transactional email, but it seems there is no such option on the transactional email configuration page. I wonder if it is possible to add attachment to transactional emails??

Many thanks!!

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Hi @shan

I am wondering by Transactional Email you are referring to this product feature in Freshsales Suite. To my knowledge, App platform doesn’t interface with this product feature to provide any customizability using apps at the very moment.

I am trying to check with :freshsales: team to see if there’s any API that will allow this to happen.

Hi @shan,

To my knowledge, there seems to be no API from the platform or the product to interact with the Transactional Email feature. I will need to redirect you to for further help. Sorry if you haven’t found the help that you are looking for.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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