Add new version of Freshworks App

I would like to add a new version of a Freshworks App, but on the edit page of the App there is no Add new version button. I can see this button on my Custom Apps. Am I missing permissions?

Hi Karen,
Just wanted to check if the Freshworks App is live or published?

Hi @Karen_Unbabel ,

Is there any option ( replace ) on the last zip file which you have uploaded?

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Hello, the Freshworks App is live, and there is no replace option…

Oh so it means there is something that went wrong on the developer portal, please contact support.

@Santhosh @Saif Please help him out.

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working on it via Inbox discussion.
CC: @Mughela_Chandresh

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This issue was fixed in a private discussion.
We do not support add new version option for apps rejected in content, just needed to resubmit the app with content changes. Once the app is live with content changes you will be able to see the add new version option.

Resubmitting the app does not create a new app submissions


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