Adding note in freshdesk


My query is, when i am creating a note via API (Create a note)and giving a parameter attribute name “user_id” it works perfect with admin role & agent role. But when i am login with another admin role and does not change Admin API Key from installation screen and try to add note via APP then note doesn’t add.So is it compulsory for admin role to change Admin API key to add note by their name ?

Admin 1 logged in & configure his API Key in installation screen and add note via App , Note added from his name (Admin 1).Agent ABC logged in and have limited access and add note ,Note added by his name (Agent ABC).but when Admin 2 logged in and try to add note with Admin 1 API Key on installation screen then note does not added.

My second query is , why we can assign multiple roles to 1 user.I don’t think its a good option because if user have admin and agent access then which one should work which one have the high priority?

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Hi @Furqan_Mehboob

It is not possible to post public notes on behalf of another admin/account admin with one admin’s API key.
It’s well explained in this another topic: