Adding tags to Freshservice tickets programmatically

I understand and have been able to set certain values in a fresh service ticket using the Ticket Details Page APIs but I have not been able to figure out how to add tags. Is that possible using the freshworks-cli in a custom app?

client.interface.trigger("setValue", {id: "forward", field: "from", value: ""})
  .then(function(data) {
  // data - success message
  }).catch(function(error) {
  // error - error object

Hello @Chris_Landreth, I don’t see an ability to set the value of the “Tags” field using the Interface method inside of the ticket details placeholder or the New Ticket Form placeholder. But you can add tags to tickets using the Freshservice API. You can pass in an array of tags when using a POST or PUT request that will allocate tags to a ticket on creation or update.

Hope that helps. Take care!

I appreciate that. I was also going down that road as well but was hoping to avoid doing a few API calls (GET current tags, append my additional tag and having to POST that) and having to refresh the interface. I will do that since you have confirmed that I am not overlooking any obvious interface methods.

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