Additional data in onTicketUpdate event to indicate ticket has been closed due to merge or automation

Could we have something in the onTicketUpdate payload to indicate when a ticket has been closed because it has been merged in to another one and/or closed by an automation.

This would be really useful when triggering actions that are related to a ticket being closed by an agent not by another process.

I know the recommended use should be resolved and then closed but some users don’t use the resolved stage hence it would be good to have this data.

Does checking for in the event payload help? should be set to 0 if Freshdesk updated the ticket, and not an agent.

Hi Kaustav,

Thanks for this tip. I will check that out but I think when a ticket is merged it may show the actor id as the agent as its the agent who is merging the ticket.

las cosas aveses funcionan bien,otras no hay que analizar,okey

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