Agent Collision

Good morning all

Is anyone available to assist with getting an API call to the agent collision detection eye please? I would like to develop an app that shows the agent collision on the main ticket list view.

Many thanks in advanced folks


Hi @markchavush,

It appears like there is no dedicated API available from Freshdesk to get details about eye collision. If you don’t might can you share the use-case or what details you might need from the API? This can help me convert this as a feedback topic and pass it over to product teams.

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Hello there, thank you for getting back to me. The use case is as follows:

Our previous ticketing system allowed the agents to see who was in a ticket from the ticket list view, as opposed to having to click into the ticket and look for the agent collision eye icon. I am looking to get the agent collision eye or an alternative onto the ticket list view or even into the on hover subject preview from the ticket list view.

Cheers and thank you for your assistance.


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I think that is a very valid use case and convenient for the agent too.

At this time, I can understand from the Freshdesk API documentation that there is no API available for the agent collision.

Also, as I understand your use case better, you would want a placeholder in the ticket list view (not after opening the ticket), indicating which agent is viewing which ticket. Unfortunately, even if :freshdesk: makes the API available, there is also a need for additional app location in a ticket list view, which seems to be not available at the moment.

I will have this topic converted into a feedback item and pass it on to the concerned product teams.

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Thank you for looking into this for us Saif and I look forward to potential future developments from the product teams.

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