AgentId from within a Freshchat Smart Plug


I have a smart plug that pulls information from our backend. I would like to include the agent id with the request how does I access the Freshchat agent id from within a smart plug. I couldn’t find documentation to cover this but if can point me in the direction that would be great.


hey @Adam_McLean

I can understand that your smart plug pulls information from the backend, could you also tell us what kind of information does the backend serve to the plug? does it have any data related to Freshchat? if so how does the data flow from Freshchat to your backend?

Hey, I’m a bit confused with your request. Is there documentation I can view about restrictions, requirements and availability of information to/for smart plugs? Any good practice guidances would also be welcome.

I’m happy to provide the information you’ve requested just a bit confused about the relevance.


Hi @Adam_McLean,

Smartplugs are essentially javascript codes with very limited support for functionality. Currently, there is no placeholder for retrieving the Logged In Agent details or the Assigned Agent details via a smartplug but you can consume our API to retrieve the latter (Assigned agent detail).

I would recommend using the marketplace SDK to build a custom app since it has better support and more data readily available including the current logged in agent details and conversation details.

Let me know your thoughts on this.