Allow copy to clipboard within the iparams iframe


I’m building an app that requires the user to copy the externalEventUrl to clipboard from the iparams page.





On debugging, I found that the iframe that loads the iparams does not explicitly allow clipboard-read and clipboard-write.

Closing Notes

I understand that it is a security feature. But, I don’t find the harm in allowing developers access to this. It only adds to your customer’s delight by not having to manually copy a text from a textbox.

Similar Request

Found a similar request raised in this community earlier.

Arun Rajkumar

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Hi @arunrajkumar235,


We had that issue too, but for some security reasons, they have restricted this functionality.

Please refer to the post below, copy-to-clipboard-functionality

Hope this helps!

Thank you.

Just chiming in to register interest in allowing this functionality for apps

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