Allow list any subdomain and domain in manifest


Hope you are fine.

On my marketplace apps whitelisted domains issues abruptly appeared. So I am trying to fix it but there are some conditions:

We can’t use sub-domains of any staging environment e.g ( URL is ( & also not accepting top level domains e.g (https://.) URL is (https://*.com or .us or .org & etc)

Please look into this issue or any other way to whitelisting all of these.


@velmurugan @Saif Could you please look into this issue.

Hi @Furqan_Mehboob,

I am just trying to understand this with examples,

[1] https://*.*.com
[3] https://*.com or https://*.us or https://*.org

Are all the above three versions failing? While I will need to confirm for 1 and 3, the #2 should work just fine.

Are you seeing the errors in the CLI (please do share the fdk.log file generate in log/ directory)? or when the response when you make the API call?

Hi @Saif,

Yes, from these examples only No.1 is not working rest of them are working but lemme inform you No.1 & No.2 are same because I want to whitelist domain names with two parts in a asterisk form which is actually not working.

Secondly, No.3 is working fine but obviously we can’t mention it globally e.g (https://.) or we have to mention them separately which is obviously not a good practice.


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So any solution for this whitelisting URL’s ?

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@Saif this is the issue we are facing for our already live apps. Can you please suggest a way around?
Writing the problem again below:
We have to whitelist the domains in our app.
In case of our WooCommerce app, the WooCommerce website’s urls doesn’t follow any specific pattern, instead they can be anything with any domain (.org, .com, .edu etc). We can’t whitelist domains at such general level within our app. Due to this issue, our integration of Woocommerce with Freshdesk and Freshsales, both have been affected.

your help will be highly appreciated here.

I was just typing out a reply to understand what makes the app the need for any subdomain and any domain. Meanwhile, thanks for adding it in reply @yusrakhatri

I might still be incorrect – Could the Freshdesk/Freshsales Admin know the domain and capture this detail in the configuration page? And app can use it to whitelist and make API calls?

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We can use iparam values in manifest right? yes we know the domain and it is saved in iparams. I guess this would solve our problem


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