Any feasible way to reset planned start date

Hi team,

I have a requirement to reset the planned start date in freshservice

I tried the below way to reset but not working

client.interface.trigger(“setValue”, { id: “plannedStartDate”, value: ‘’ });

Please suggest any other way to reset a value of date for this field

Thanks in advance,
Tejasri Kalluri

Good day!
Unfortunately, you are not able to clear the value of the field like this. product will reject your request if it is not the valid date. but for now there is no other way to clear the value programmatically on that field.

Mean while let me check with the product team and get back to you earliest.


I tried both ways

  1. Interface Method
  2. Product API

Interface Method doesn’t have an alternative way to clear the plannedStartDate.

I experimented by sending a request with the value Null or "" to see if Freshservice would clear the value.

Both of them didn’t work. Also, both planned start and end dates appear to be mandatory fields without which a change can’t be persisted.

General Question — A Freshservice user cannot update the change details ticket even if user clicks on "clear" button to change planned start date, or end date

Isn’t it achievable to reset the value to something that is default? - Eg. 12:00:00

We would like to reset on change to a particular date itself @Saif

We have tried the current date as of now as default value if they change the date, but we want to reset through the code

By reset, I am assuming you want to set it to a particular date.

It would be:

client.interface.trigger("setValue", {id: "plannedStartDate", value: "YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS±hh:mm"})

What’s in the way?

right now i went with present date time i am good now

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