API Descriptor file for Freshdesk API docs

I’m trying to create an API Client for use in our back end and I can’t find an easy way to autogenerate the classes described in the API documentation. Is there a descriptor file somewhere with class information i could read out?

Welcome back @n.thijssen! I suppose the last time we saw your post was around 12 months ago! Why not introduce yourself to the community?

Coming to your question, Nick - I am not sure which product you needing an API Client for? Is it Freshdesk? :freshdesk:

Yes, Freshdesk. The API documentation is fine if I manually need to run some queries but if I want to generate some classes from the documentation that’s not possible. Usually API’s can be self documented with for example Swagger. That way you have a single file that completely describes every API endpoint.

Understood Nick.

I do have limited awareness around its availability for Freshdesk. While I am aware that swagger spec is available for Freshteam and Freshchat.

Let me get in touch with the Freshdesk team if they have something that can help you out.

@Raviraj @kaustavdm - By any chance, do you have thoughts we can share with Nick here?

So I take it that’s a NO?


I was able to connect with the Freshdesk team, at the current moment, there is no official swagger spec available for public consumption. It appears like some work over this for Freshdesk is in progress and might not be available anytime soon.

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