API endpoint "/v2/channels" does not bring all channels

hello guys, I’ve been suffering for some time to get the whatsapp channel!

The API “/v2/channels” does not bring me the whatsapp channel, I always need to get a frontend application that prints the conversation data!

Is there any way to capture the whatsapp channel by api?

Thank you!

Hello Marllon,

The Freshchat lists API calls are paginated and returns 10 items per page by default.
Please use filters to get all your channels.
You can find more info here.


hello, I always use pagination! and use items_per_page=100


My whatsapp channel:

this channel does not appear in the return of the endpoint channels

Thank you for the details.
You are making the right API call.
Can you please create another channel and see if it’s coming through API ? Also please compare the attributes of Whatsapp channel with the other ones that are coming through API and check for any visible difference.

@velmurugan can you please identify what can be possible issue here.

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Apologies for the inconvenience caused here.

The v2 Channels API will not fetch private channels such as Whatsapp or ABC. This has been identified as issue on our end. Our Dev team is working on fixing this.

Will keep you updated on the same.

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thank you very much, I’m waiting!

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hello, is there any prediction for this correction?

Hey @Marllon_Mainardes,

Our team has not yet had the chance to update this. If you need the channel list, please email support@freshchat.com so that they can help you retrieve this.

Do we have an update on it yet?
I’m building an app that needs to retrieve the channels from API, including the whatsapp channel. Not having this working is scaring away the users, since they have to pick one whatsapp conversation, inspect the page, get the alias on network tab, make an api call to the conversation endpoint, to get the channel id to configure on the app installation page.

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