API export file download broken since Sep 26


We’ve been using the API to generate a export file and download it for several months without issues.

Since Sep 26, the file download started to return a 403 error even with the correct API key.

Our request flow works like this:

When I try to download the file ( using the correct API key/authentication ) is returns a 403 error. But before Sep 26, it was working fine.


curl —user REDACTED:REDACTED https://myaccount.freshdesk.com/api/attachments/103052043499/download
{“code”:“accessdenied”,“message”:“You are not authorized to perform this action.”}

Were there any recent changes in the API?


I would like to know if there has been an update on this.

Because for me, this seems to still be an issue.

Even when clicking download in the UI with the account that created the Export in the UI.
I get the error on this url: {url}}/api/_/attachments/60105236323/download:
{“code”:“invalid_credentials”,“message”:“You have to be logged in to perform this action.”}

So there clearly seems to be an issue with this.

And calling it trough Postman with correct credentials I get:
{“code”:“access_denied”,“message”:“You are not authorized to perform this action.”}

Quick update on the above problem regarding downloading attachments trough the UI.
If you have the same issue as me you need to disable your adblocker…
Then it will work fine.

The API issue remains however.