API for uploading images for Freshdesk solution article

It appears during the April 2020 update of the FreshDesk API, an unannounced change removed the ability to upload base64 encoded images in the solution article body. I now receive an error: article_base64_content_error ‘Failed to update article as Base64 images are not supported’.

Images can be uploaded in a solution article via the UI (it uploads to S3 behind the scenes), but this capability was not available in the API. Base64 encoded images were being used until this functionality became available. Now it appears we cannot create solution articles with images anymore. This has broken our publishing workflow.

What can we do now? I’m aware handling the image hosting myself is an option, but that’s not ideal.

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We are working with the Freshdesk product team to find out the optimal way to suggest you here. Are you still facing this issue? Were you able to discover any alternative?

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Yes we still have the issue and have a workaround by hosting the images elsewhere. If an API for image uploads is made available (even if it generates the necessary authenticated S3 link as per the UI) this would be sufficient.

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Hi Sam, We have submitted your feature request to Freshdesk product team.


Is there any update on his? We are facing the same issue.


I don’t have any updates from the product managers here, @bfp. But could you please help us in prioritizing this by upvoting the post?

Hi Saif,

I have upvoted as suggested.

The frustrating thing with this is that I can confirm that this was working as we have made use of it on a number of occasions. The fact that functionality has just disappeared is rather frustrating.


I tried to revisit the topic to understand the reason why it is unavailable. I learnt this is decision is taken with considering security purposes.

As a developer myself, I understand how frustrating it can be if once promised API is pulled down suddenly. It would definitely alter my plans on app design itself and working with a temporary workaround is hard.

One area where we could have done better could be this,

We could have done a proper announcement one or the other way to notify the app developers. After this issue has come to light 7 months ago, since then we started working closely with Freshdesk API team to learn about breaking changes and notify developers upfront via newsletters/announcements or any the other tangible means.

But the truth that stays is API is not available, we will bring this up with relevant teams.

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Has there been any progress on this for FreshService?

Hi there!

Any progress on this feature request. This would really help our migration process in the coming months.


Hi team!
Any update for this issue?

We have the same need with the FreshService API endpoint to create a ticket or add a ticket response.