API only accept requests from my Freshdesk url instances

Hi Everyone

Hope you are doing well. I need your help urgently: Im trying to create a custom app to connect with a private api. The owner of the API ( the api that i want to connect with my freshdesk custom app) is a private API. To access to this API the owner of the same had to configure the api to give access only to the url of my freshdesk instance to make all type of request.

Now, Im trying to connect to the API from my freshdesk instance and I dont know how to see if the request are made it from my url instances because I give the error 401.

Please a need your help.


Hello Andrea. Hope you are doing well

From the query I understand that you are using our request method to make an HTTP call to the private API mentioned. If that’s the case can you confirm if the API server expects any kind of authorization to be made on the app side? Once that’s confirmed you can use the secured Iparams to store the secrets needed to sign the auth token.

Hope this helps. Please let me know if you are able to proceed


Hi Shravan.

Hope you are doing. I need to receive the new contacts created from the third app to my custom app. In this case I need to build a serverless app. Is that right ? It thats the case, I will need to configure the iparams to indicate that the requestes will me made from my freshdesk instance. Right?


You dont have to worry about where the request will be made from but only about where it is made to

Before answering, can you answer few of my qns

  • Are you planning to have a view for this app? In other words is it a front end app?
  • When do you want to read new contacts from the 3rd party server? In other words is it a serverless app that works for particular events

Please help me with the use case you are trying to build

In either case, you can use our request module (client.request in frontend and $request in serverless) to invoke API calls. Make sure to whitelist the third-party domain in your manifest.json