API request, 502 Error in establishing connection issue

We built the new version of the Exotel CTI app on the freshworks. All the development works has been completed. we are planning to publish this new app on Freshworks marketplace. Suddenly yesterday we are not able to run the app locally due to a 502 connection issue. I’ve tried the different mobile networks and routers. But still, I’m facing that issue. We are not able to continue the coverage testing due to this blocker. The app works intermittently; sometimes it functions properly, and other times it doesn’t. Can you please check on top priority? We need to know RCA for this issue. Please let me know If you need any further information.

css domain - https://exotel-664361372657640099.myfreshworks.com

Hi @Hariharan_L,


I have faced the same issue in the past.

Try deleting the .fdk folder and coverage folder and try again.

or try creating a new app and copy-paste the files from the old folder to the new one.

if that doesn’t fix it you have to check the serverless functions with the manifest file, whether you missed declaring a function and declared and not used.

If this solution doesn’t work, please send me a direct message so we can connect and further debug the issue together.

Thank you.