API - Updating company doesn't automatically associate contacts with same domain


I read the Update a Company API endpoint and tried to update a company with the previously saved domains property. Regarding the domains property, the below description is written in the documentation.

Domains of the company. Email addresses of contacts that contain this domain will be associated with that company automatically.

The HTTP request doesn’t make the existing contacts (with the same domains that are not associated with the company yet) associated with the company.

For example, I have a contact with the email gugi@example.org with no associated company. Submitting the below PUT request doesn’t make the contact gugi@example.org associated with the company. I expected the contact to be automatically associated with the company, as written in the documentation.

PUT /api/v2/companies/151000499272
  "name": "Example Company",
  "domains": [
  "description": "Example"

Could you please help me as I’m in the middle of integrating our systems with FreshDesk?

Kind regards,
Gugi Gustaman

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@gugigustaman - Do you happen to get a successful response? Is it that only the association isn’t actually showing up in Freshdesk despite of a successful 200 response?

I have the same understanding as described in the documentation. I put you in touch with the Freshdesk Support team to move forward with this conversation. Let us know what you learn!

Hi @Saif

We are sorry for the late response.

Yes, it returns a successful 200 response but doesn’t instantly associate the contacts with the same domain with the company. But then I realized the newly created contacts with the same domain are automatically associated with the company. Is that actually how the domain of the company works?

Thank you for creating a ticket for the issue. I have just replied to the support team with another question.