Api/v2/contacts only returns first 30 records

I’m using api/v2/contacts to get all contacts from Freshdesk but I only get the first 30 records when doing so. Is this a known limitation or error?


Hi @henrikhargedahl ,
In Freshdesk’s API there are default pagination limits. This means you will receive a subset (like the first 30 records) of the entire dataset by default.

To retrieve more records, you have to utilize pagination. This typically involves sending multiple requests to the API, each time asking for the next “page” of records.

You can use the page and per_page parameters. The page parameter determines which page of results to retrieve, and per_page determines how many results should be included in each page. Remember, per_page should be a Positive Integer less than or equal to 100

Here’s a quick example:

  1. For the first 30 contacts:
GET /api/v2/contacts?page=1&per_page=30
  1. For the next 30 contacts:
GET /api/v2/contacts?page=2&per_page=30

… and so on.

here is the documentation:

Hope this helps!

Ok! Thanks for a quick and educational response!

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