APIs for Freddy Self Service not available?

We have created a lot of questions with variants in our bot via Freddy Self-service. When trying to find if we already created a question related to a customer’s new question, it is difficult, sometimes impossible to find it. It requires using the search feature, which is only good if we know what we called the question or the variants.

Is there an API doc to get the list of questions and list of variants? I did not see any here.

Has anyone figured it out?


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Hi @kgnall,

At the current moment, the Freddy team doesn’t have APIs exposed for customizations. Your use cases seem absolutely valid, and I will have this topic converted into a feedback item.

But it might take significant time for full-fledged APIs for Freddy Self Service APIs to become available.


Thank you for the update. I hope more users see the need for an API for Freddy self-service.

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