[App 2.2] Could not parse the app manifest file in the current/specified directory


I am trying to create an app version 2.2 as far as 2.0 has been deprecated (Despite SDK still creating in 2.0 by default)
I have followed the steps mentioned at: About Platform version 2.2

Which are manily changing the manifest to 2.2 and move the events to the Manifest, but the validation is not passing

FDK version that I am running is 6.13.2:

I have looked for in this forum and I have not found anything.

Have somebody had a similar issue?


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Hi @Chavas,

We have deprecated FDK 6.x and platform version 2.0 around the same time and that would have caused unable to move to platform version 2.2.

Could you migrate FDK as well from these steps and check if that resolves this issue as well?

Also, could you remove extra commas (,) and validate the file content with any JSON validator tool to ensure if there’s no mistakes on the code?


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