`app.activated` event is not getting triggered on clicking mobile number or work number


On click of mobile / work number of a particular contact/lead/account page app.activated event should get triggered but it is not getting triggered for my app SuperReceptionist.zip

To debug it further, I wrote a very sample app first.zip in which i did not face the same issue. app.activated was gettting triggered on click of mobile / work number of a particular contact/lead/account page

Seems like issue with some code in my app. There is no error, exception coming.
Can u please help in localising the issue in my app? Please initiate a private conversation. I will upload both app in the conversation


Did anyone has gone through the reported issue?

Hi @gourav.kumar,

Could you provide more information on the placeholder of the app and why is it expected to trigger the app.activated event?

Upon clicking on the mobile/work number, another frontend event is triggered to implement click-to-call feature. It will not trigger the app.activated() life-cycle event.

Hi @Raviraj,

Thanks for the information.
The placeholder of the app is left_nav_cti.

Basic app -
calling events gets triggered always
My app -
calling events does not get triggered in the following cases
1. agent just logged in and his first action is clicking on mobile/work number
2. agent refresh the page and his first action is clicking on mobile/work number
But if agent clicks on the app before clicking on mobile/work number in above scenarios then app.activated
gets triggered and after clicking on moble/number calling events also get triggered

Hi @gourav.kumar,

I’m able to reproduce the issue with a new app created to test the “calling” frontend event.

I will report it to the Freshsales product team and update the ETA if I get one from them before get it fixed.

Thanks for reporting the issue.

Thanks for the update.

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Hi @Raviraj,
Have you received any ETA from the porduct team?

Hi @gourav.kumar,

I haven’t got any yet. The product team will analyse the bug and will consider the bug to fix on their roadmap depending on the priority among the other tasks in the roadmap.
It might take some time for all this and to get the bug fixed in the production.

Please proceed to submit the app to the Marketplace if its pending for this update. If there’s a fix from the product side, it will automatically fix the issue in the Marketplace app for all the Freshsales accounts.

Hi @Raviraj,

I found another issue Calling event is not triggered in some scenarios
is it because of this issue or is it another issue?

@gourav.kumar They are not related.

I have taken that as feedback and reported it to the Freshsales product team. You can updates on that in the same topic. :slight_smile:

@gourav.kumar Our Freshsales product team has informed us that this issue has been fixed.

The CTI “calling” event will trigger without opening the CTI app at least once.

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