App Admin iFrame

Is it possible to increase the height of the iFrame in which an App Admin screen is displayed?

The width is not a problem but the limited height means lots of scrolling and users don’t sometimes realise they have to scroll.

I guess you are referring to the app installation page that is visible only to the admin.

@RobAtOpinyin , would you be able to describe how would extra real estate in the installation page would help your app?

Hi @Saif,

Yes. That is correct.

The extra height would allow more options to be visible before a user has the scroll.

The current iParams iFrame is set at 384px high. The app gallery iFrame this is in is 901px high, of which most of that is unused white space.


Hi Rob,

I’ve been rooting for a full page admin settings page for quite some time now. Like you pointed out, there’s a lot of unused white space that could be put to better use. Allowing the app developers the control to use the space is definitely going to be helpful.


@RobAtOpinyin very fair ask. And as @arunrajkumar235 pointed out, it has come up before!

I can share that the team is currently working on a revamped design for the app gallery, which includes better utilization of the real estate available for app settings to render better. Since the gallery is common to all products today, we will have it rolled out to all products in a month or so.

I will request @Saif to share this announcement with the community once it is live. Thanks for your patience meanwhile!


Hi @satwik,

That’s great news. Thanks for the update.


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