App fails to install while testing with end to end testing

i have custom app of for freshsales after updating according to doc it is not working while testing through end to end testing .

some console error occure while installing app here is video of issue (look console here)

here i got error in command prompt is 'renderData' was not called in the callback within time limit !

Hi @Mohit_sharma,

The onAppInstall event expects renderData() callback method called for both success and error scenarios to complete the app installation.
Since the app install functionality cannot wait forever for the app to return the callback, the platform will wait 10 seconds for a response and fail if the renderData() is not called.

Could you check the event handler for the onAppInstall event call the renderData() callback in all the conditions, and ensure it is called within 10 seconds of execution?

hi Raviraj, thanks for your quick response.
Now app is working fine issue is resolved.

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Thanks for your confirmation, @Mohit_sharma!

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