App field working in Chrome and Edge, but not in Firefox or Safari


I’m somewhat new to this but have an issue with browsers. Since the field apper diffrently depending on the browser.
It works fine in Chrome and Edge. it does not work in Safari & Firefox. Is there a “thing” one need to start in these browsers for it to work?

The field is this one… (wrote som extra // just to get text in here)

"<///div class=“form-group”>
<//label class=“mandatory”>Schedule event at:
<//input type=“datetime-local” id=“schedule-time” class=“form-control” >

in Edge and Chrome in FireFox and Safari

Hi Octopus,
the Input type which you are using is not supported in Firefox and safari,

Please refer to this <input type="datetime-local"> - HTML: HyperText Markup Language | MDN for more reference.


@Santhosh - you are right sadly.

I’ve just tested the “Safari Technology Preview” and it seam to support it. But only the “date” part - will test a tad more.
So if that is correct, this will be a “none issue” in about a month or when update is released.

Skärmavbild 2021-03-29 kl. 16.44.35

Thank you for the tip - see if I can manage to rebuild it.

I would suggest to use Crayons components for this case…
please refer this for more reference.

Santhosh B